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How to Fight Misleading GMO Labelling (in Canada)

Want to stop misleading GMO labelling in Canada? Here is how. Continue reading

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How much Wind vs Nuclear to Power the World in 2100?

Minimum Requirements to supply global electricity by 2100 Assumptions: Population: 15,000,000,000 kWh/capita/year: 7,000 Wind Assumed Installation cost: $1M/1MW Spacing: 6x diameter Necessary installed generation capacity: 11,986,301,370kW Assumed Replacement Factor (Gross Unit Wind for Gross Unit Conventional): 25 (4%) Replacement Factor … Continue reading

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Rob Saik on Pushing the Boundaries of Agriculture

Very good speech taking down the anti-GMO crowd.

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There’s DNA in Your Food!

In the tradition of Penn & Teller’s hilarious send-up of food activists signing a petition to ban water, the otherwise rather serious authors of the monthly Food Demand Survey sometimes try to have a little fun. While the bulk of … Continue reading

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Starbucks in China, or how reading the Atlantic can make you dumber

To say that I’m no expert on China is a grand understatement. To be honest, I have no clue about China at all, at least no more than your average white Canadian middle-class schmuck who thinks that nee-howing the hostess … Continue reading

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How much Electricity does Solar Power generate?

I’ve spent quite some time and effort on calculating the space requirements of wind power installations during my time at the Canadian Nuclear Association. The fruits of my labor can be found on pages 13 and 24 of the Canadian … Continue reading

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This & That

This & That, a set on Flickr.

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Tree of Life

I think I have made up my mind about Tree of Life – it’s a good movie. I’m not sure yet that it is a Great Movie, but it certainly is a Good Movie. It’s visually beautiful. And from what … Continue reading

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