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This & That

This & That, a set on Flickr. Advertisements

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Wind or Nuclear?

One nuclear reactor generating about 1GW of electricity per year requires about 1 sqkm of space, including the facility, and a safety zone. It provides electricity for 700,000 people (assuming 13,000kwh per year per capita). To generate the same electricity, … Continue reading

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Tree of Life

I think I have made up my mind about Tree of Life – it’s a good movie. I’m not sure yet that it is a Great Movie, but it certainly is a Good Movie. It’s visually beautiful. And from what … Continue reading

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An entire Truckload of Fructose won’t make this Lousy Study go down

A few weeks ago there was some minor media storm over a study claiming that High Fructose Corn Syrup is some kind of super food for cancer cells. A group of researchers in the US had taken cancerous  pancreatic cells … Continue reading

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